Municipal and industrial filtration fabrics

Water Filtration

In 30 years, Rai-Tillieres has become the leader in supplying dewatering belts for filter belt presses and gravity tables in sewage treatment plants, municipalities and industries.

Mining & Refining

After the extracting operation (from depth or open-cast mines), the mineral processing consists in the physico-chemical transformation of the ore, in order to pull out only worthy metals.

Process Industry

Since 2008 Rai-Tillieres has been certified ISO 9001 and focuses on consistently producing and improving its range of high-quality fabrics for conveyor belts in deep freezing or ovens, belt press filters, dewatering process and dryers.

Dandy rolls, Watermarks & Non-woven forming fabrics

Pulp & Paper

Rai-Tillieres has been producing wove and marking dandy rolls as well as a wide range of woven synthetic or metallic filtration belts for the paper industry, in France and overseas.

Dandy Roll

For 100 years, Rai-Tillières has been manufacturing wove, watermarked and laid dandy rolls. Our know-how in paperboard, luxury paper and cigarette paper is recognized all over the world.

Nonwoven Process

For the non-woven manufacturing process, we offer plastic and metallic belts and conveyor belts for each step from web forming to bonding.


Accessibility mats

Mobi-Mat® Recpath™

Mobi-Mat® RecPath™ is a portable and removable roll-out ADA beach access pathway for pedestrians, wheelchair users, strollers, bicycles and ATVs.

Mobi-Mat® VMM™

Mobi-Mat® VMM™, a portable roll out polyester mat, is advised for creating temporary access roads, working platform and accommodating traffic on supporting but unstable grounds like sand, greens and gravels even on light slope.


The Mobi-Chair® is a high quality,floating beach wheelchair that provides a seamless transition from boardwalk-to beach-to water.


Mobi-fence™ synthetic seamless windbreak fence provides Erosion control and Protection for coastal assets, roads, paths, houses, parking, playgrounds, etc.

100 years of experience

European leader in the field of “filtration & separation” technologies, resolutely turned to overseas challenges, Rai-Tillieres aims at growing its presence on an international level thanks to the distinction of its products range and the skills of its commercial network.

ISO 9001 certified, our mission is to manufacture and offer to our customers a panel of technical fabrics adapted to their requirements, to propose an expert and responsive after-sales service, to continuously advise on innovating solutions.

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