Paper Industry

The manufacture of paper and paperboard consists in distributing regularly and continuously, on 1 or between 2 belts, the pulp containing fibers, loads and additives, and to move the fibers closer in order to connect them.
By its energy of surface, the water plays an important part as its elimination in the fiber structure moves closer the fibers. This part of process needs 3 stages :

  • Draining of the mat on the formation unit
  • Squeezing of the mat in the press unit
  • Drying in a dryer section equipped with drying cylinders

Dandy Rolls and Inox covers

  • Wove dandy rolls
  • Marking dandy rolls
  • Stainless steel covers (316 L) with diagonal seam
  • Gold seam
  • Spare parts

Filtration Belts

  • Belts for filter belt presses
  • Belts for gravity tables
  • Covers for disc filters
  • Paper Machine Clothing Shrinkable Sleeve
  • PMC Polyester Shrink Sleeve
  • Washer belts
  • Antistatic belts for cutters
  • Conveyor belts

Filters and Screens

  • filters of any size and form
  • drums (trommel, …)
  • vibrating screens
  • waste retainers

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